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Complete My Assignment is a consulting company that provides a wide range of services offered by more than 300 professional writers with a doctorate in their respective fields.

These services include, among others, individual academic writing, assistance in the study of cases, assistance in programming, business advice etc.

My Assignment Help

In this review, we will focus on personal writing services. The company says that they work with all the authors who have come from the United Kingdom, United States of America or Australia.

Therefore, we naturally expect that both your articles expose enough experience in given topics and excellent writing skills.

Website com looks optimistic, but it is quite normal You can easily find all the services you can request, but we can not find a full price list or calculator on the site.

This is very embarrassing, because when a student (or someone else) needs help in writing, then it is a good idea to do something that you like to be prepared for it, that it fits your budget or No.

Services provided

As we mentioned earlier in our review, the range of services offered to my assignment help is quite broad.

When it comes to personal writing, its services include essays, books, and reports, reviews, speeches, essays, coursework, research, work etc.

Such a variable can be misleading, but if you think about it, then it is really a good thing because it requires the customer to choose exactly what he needs to do before ordering.

Online Assignment Help

You can also specify the quality with which you want to run your writing.

It may be standard, premium or platinum, it sounds like a strange option for the quality of your personal writing, but as we mentioned, it is hardly justified, the company is more than just personal writing Provides services.

Probably, a bachelor’s degree in “standard” quality, “extra” bachelor’s degree and “platinum” – this means for the doctorate. Level.

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Naturally, all this is done by their highest qualified doctors with the highest attention to quality, time and originality.

If Student wants Fast Online Assignment Help and Essay Writing Service in Low Rates please contact us.


As mentioned above, the full price list is missing from the website, or it is difficult to find.

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So there is a value calculator, however, we asked about the very kind and friendly customer service of my help, and they voluntarily shared this information.

Then, the basic test of the “Standard” level page ending in 10 days will cost $ 19.99.

For the upper limit, a platinum-level paper with a three-hour emergency will cost you $ 52.99 per page These prices are above average in the personal writing market, but if we recall that this is a Ph.D.

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Client comments are mixed There are no claims of people about the level of experience, which appear in the ordered documents through my assignment, nor do they have any complaints about time, originality etc. However, they are dissatisfied with the linguistic abilities of the authors.

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Therefore, if you are certain that language skills are not necessary for your writing, then you can ensure that a job to use my assignment will not fail.

However, it is possible to get better deals at this price.

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